Harry Strasser - Executive Partner
Innovation & Transformation



  • Executive Partner for Innovation and Transformation
  • Deeply involved at leading innovation platforms and think tanks in ICT, New Mobility, Internet of Things and Robotics
  • Board member, management angel & mentor of innovative IT companies and startups
  • Keynote speaker at international conferences and management boards
  • Former CTO at Siemens, CSO at Philips and senior manager at IT and mobile communication key players


  Established Competence Network


Innovation Platforms


Harry Strasser is a visionary technology executive. He spent 15 years in senior executive positions at leading high-tech companies with worldwide responsibilities for strategy, innovation, technology, sales and marketing. 

As a pioneer in the market introduction of mobile phones in 1992 he was deeply involved in driving disruptive changes and developed a comprehensive business and technology expertise across mobile communications, IT and consumer electronics industries. He launched market impacting innovations, built up international business operations and innovation programs, and drove major transformations at large corporations.

Since 2006 he has been supporting top management and startups in strategic growth, open innovation and digital transformation involving key experts and solution partners. He is engaged in international innovation platforms and think tanks gaining deep insights in latest trends in digital convergence. 

Based in Munich/Germany Harry Strasser holds an MBA from City University of Seattle and attended executive courses at Stanford University, Harvard University, and INSEAD..